Pricking from the Winifred Millar collection to be source of inspiration

My design with fillings completed

Net ground partially worked

Ground inside bow still to be worked

Ground completed with support threads at junctions of grid filling

Laying in the grid threads

Twisted buttonhole st being worked either side of grid threads

Gradual progression

Laying remainder of threads for Rosebud Knots and Daisies

Partially worked Rosebud Knot wheels


Rosebud Knot wheels completed

Progression of daisies

Completed and mounted onto gold silk fabric.

In October 2009 I received an invitation from The Lace Guild to participate in the Winifred Millar Challenge.  All participants received the same copy of a bobbin lace pricking from the collection, which was to be the design source for a piece of lace in our chosen field of expertise.  I had a spare bridal shoe, having worked a 3-D Rose for only one shoe from the pair, for my book Needlelace design & Techniques.  I thought it wouldn't take too long to design and work something to attach to the front of the remaining shoe and decided that I would work it in a gold coloured thread which would contrast nicely with the ivory satin fabric.  On looking through my huge stash of threads, I couldn't find one shade of correct gold coloured thread, never mind several different weights of the same colour, so it was back to white again, of which I had plenty!

The shoe idea was now abandoned but the shape of the piece to be worked remained the same, only somewhat larger! (see photos). 

NB. It is essential for careful planning before commencement of the Daisy Wheel grid filling, as threads for the Rosebud Knot rings need to be twisted but threads for the daisy to be worked must NOT be twisted, but lay parallel to one another, as they need to be apart (opened up) to work the petals of the daisy!